Book Reviews

Reviews of The Obesity Code

If you are fat and can't lose weight this book will tell you the exact reason why everyone gets fat. The short answer is insulin. I lost over 70 pounds on this diet without exercise. In fact the only reason I went for walks was out of boredom. I have no worry of gaining the weight back because this book tells you the secret as to why everyone gets fat. Jenny Craig and weight watchers do not want you to know this.

In fact after learning the secrets in this book I got angry because I realized the whole food and weight loss industry is working against us, fat is actually the best thing you can eat, sugar the worst thing you can eat. The world is upside down and Doctor Fung is trying to put it right again. If you are fat you have type 2 diabetes sorry to break it to you. All other diets are a waste of your precious life I wish I could send this book back in time to my younger self. What this book gives you is the knowledge of how your body actually works and how it responds to food. The truth is that people in the 50's knew how to eat better than we do. Butter, eggs and bacon are good for you, you do not need three meals a day and breakfast is the worst meal of the day.

I started watching Dr. Fung on YouTube and have done two 5 day fasts and intermittent fasting interwoven. I’ve lost 14 pounds in just about two months. I am now much more aware of blood sugar spikes and how frequent eating impacts my insulin levels. I purchased this book to get the full scoop and am so impressed at this thorough research and how fun way of making all of this understandable and relatable.

In now LOVE fasting and am looking forward for my next 5 day fast as it frees up time, gives me more mental clarity and of course, helps shave away the extra weight.

Thank you for your contribution to science and the nutritional community!

This book is amazing! I don't usually enjoy reading but this book has gotten my attention. There is so much valuable info, explaining the proof in what he is saying. This actually MAKES SENSE with weight loss and explains why diets don't work long term and goes on to tell you what does work. I've changed my eating habits, haven't even started fasting yet and have gotten rid of my inflammation in my body and I'm already feeling better and losing weight too. I can't wait to read his other books I've purchased.

Reviews of The Happy Hormone Guide

I've been a HUGE fan of Shannon's blog, The Glowing Fridge, for years now. This book is the first of it's kind with a plant-based program to balance hormones. Whether or not you are vegan, this book would be immensely helpful to any woman out there. I love how Shannon believes in balancing hormones through food and supplements instead of pharmaceuticals or "bandaids". The book is so well written and breaks down complicated subjects like the female body, what happens in our 4 phases, and how the endocrine works in an interesting and easy to understand fashion. She lays out how AND why your mood/energy levels fluctuate during your cycle, how to feed yourself for optimal balance, and how to identify symptoms of imbalance along with a protocol on what foods to nourish you back. She even discusses what to beware of with cleaning products, cosmetics, and other disturbances that are in our environment. This book has everything!

As someone who was on the birth control pill (BCP) for almost 10 years, was diagnosed with PCOS 8 years ago, and am now off the BCP trying to find balance in my hormones; I wish I had this book years ago. I can only imagine where I'd be if I had this resource when I first started my period in highschool. By adopting some of Shannon's tips she's had on the blog, I already cured my PMS and night sweats in my luteal phase! This will be my go-to gift for all my girlfriends this holiday season!

Did I mention that the inside is as colorful and beautiful as the outside?! It is a joy flipping through these pages!! Shannon's photography is gorgeous in the pages as well as on her blog. It is truly named "The Happy Hormone Guide" for a reason. I hope she writes another book specifically for Trying to Conceive and Postpartum. Thank you, Shannon!

I just got this book and while I haven’t gotten too far into it...just in the first few pages so much clicked for me. I’ve struggled with gut health, fatigue, sleep, brain fog etc for years. It started when I was 12 and just keeps getting worse the older I get (29 now). I’ve seen many drs had every test done, gallbladder removed and no answers or help navigating my issues. I’ve always thought a lot of this came from a hormonal imbalance because my body functions better than ever when I’m pregnant so I was so excited when I found this book. Can’t wait to get through it all but for now my favorite thing so far is that Shannon doesn’t make this an all in kind of program. It’s very difficult to change habits that you’ve had for years to jump into a program full force and not fail because it’s overwhelming. One of the first things she writes is to start small and feel good about adding any part of this program into your life because it will still be good for you.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this book when I ordered it. All I knew is that Shannon was working hard on it and doing all the research while I was over here trying to find solutions for my PMS symptoms. So far, I have read the first two chapters, and I am in awe! I have received more information from this book and any gynecologist I have ever seen. Shannon has worked hard on the research, and I am excited to keep reading and follow the guide. I am at a point where I will do anything to help my PMS symptoms. I'm already vegan so it shouldn't be a difficult switch. Thank you for all of the hard work. We need more women doing this type of research and writing more books about our reproductive organs. They are essential, and you are right, it is a crucial topic of conversation, and it shouldn't be taboo. Also, those smoothie recipes (drool emoji). Can't wait to try the recipes! Thank you!

Reviews of Principles: Life and Work

What an amazing book! I have read literally thousands of books and if I had one book to recommend to someone for living a better life and achieving success it would be this one!

The book starts with a seemingly simple question, What do you want? and proceeds to provide a global framework for getting what you want and then working with others to achieve greater objectives as well.

My takeaway is that finding the truth, being open, and persistence are the qualities needed to achieve any goal or solve any problem. Many people 'think' they are finding the truth and being open but they are not, and companies are rampant with self-delusion in these areas. If all companies would adopt these Principles, the world would be a better place.

Principles describes in great detail how you achieve any objective from the individual small goal to the organization huge goal with a clear framework. Along the way, there are hundreds of tips and thought-gems that you will find useful.

It's been a long time since a book was published with such enduring principles and quality. You can tell this is Mr. Dalio's life work and not like so many other books in this genre where someone set out to write a book and show they were an expert or make some cash (indeed, Mr. Dalio doesn't need any more;).

I expect that this book will become one of those rare books that are still read and recommended 100 years from now as the Principles are timeless, clear, and potentially life-changing. For me, this is THE book I will write an inscription on and give to my son when he becomes an adult.

Do keep in mind though that reading the book alone won't change your life, you must take action on what you learn!

It's late here and I should be finishing some work but I had to comment here. This book is one of the best book on the subject of principle to live by. I read Napoleon hills and the likes. Those are all amazing book, but this book hit a nerve that the other ones did not.

Maybe it is because Ray Dalio live by radical honesty and he is secular in all his view. This is a man with his 2 feels on the ground but with all the wisdom needed to help you lead a meaningful life.

The book is in three different parts. I would suggest starting with the second part. The second part is the life principles and this is where all the golden nuggets are. Then I'd suggest reading Business principle which is the third part because then you read how he applied those principles in his business and how it helped him become who he is. Finally finish with part 1 which is his biography and it will ground all those principles and you'll learn how those principles came to be. This is how I read it anyway and I did not regret it.

This is a book I will be recommending a lot.